Culture Experiences through Digital environment Using – Culture.EDU


 01.10.2020 – 31.03.2022

  • Association “Piligrimi” – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fondazione Ugo Spirito e Renzo De Felice Italy – Rome, Italy
The project:

Culture.EDU – employs technology-based approaches and methods, information and communication which, in the spirit of achieving Europe’s objectives, contribute to raising awareness of the importance of culture, heritage and pan-European values.

The general objective:

Creation of a youth portal, a virtual space for collaboration among young people interested in history, art and new technologies.
An innovative product for non-formal education with a focus on awareness and knowledge of culture.

The specific objectives:

– the opportunity for collaboration between organizations, exchange of good practices and innovative solutions for working with young people in today’s digital environment
– Create space and opportunities for young people with different interests and skills to work together
– Increase the level of motivation and interest of young people in pan-European culture, heritage and values
– Promote the social inclusion of young people in intercultural dialogue;
– Mediate the link between young people and the labor market;
– Create the opportunity for application of the intellectual product in different fields of education, heritage management and presentation, tourism.


– conducting of transnational partnership meetings;
– conducting of transnational trainings for young people “Know the heritage” (part Bulgaria and part Italy);
– creation of an intellectual product “Multifunctional multimedia software platform for innovative presentation of cultural heritage, realized in 3D and linear graphic environment”
– holding multiplier events “Culture.EDU – Youth ideas for cultural entrepreneurship”

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