Culture Experiences through Digital environment Using – Culture.EDU

The project

Culture.EDU – employs technology-based approaches and methods, information and communication which, in the spirit of achieving Europe’s objectives, contribute to raising awareness of the importance of culture, heritage and pan-European values.

The general objective:

Creation of a youth portal, a virtual space for collaboration among young people interested in history, art and new technologies.
An innovative product for non-formal education with a focus on awareness and knowledge of culture.

  • Association “Piligrimi” – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fondazione Ugo Spirito e Renzo De Felice Italy – Rome, Italy

3D Map of the Sabina region

3D visualization with markers of objects from the region of Sabina, Italy

3D Map of Sofia

3D visualization with markers of objects in Sofia, Bulgaria

3D Map Melnik and sandanski

3D visualization with markers of objects in Melnik and Sandanski, Bulgaria

3D map nessebar

3D visualization with markers of objects in Nessebar, Bulgaria

The specific objectives:

– the opportunity for collaboration between organizations, exchange of good practices and innovative solutions for working with young people in today’s digital environment

– Create space and opportunities for young people with different interests and skills to work together

– Increase the level of motivation and interest of young people in pan-European culture, heritage and values

– Promote the social inclusion of young people in intercultural dialogue;

– Mediate the link between young people and the labor market;

– Create the opportunity for application of the intellectual product in different fields of education, heritage management and presentation, tourism.

Digitized objects in 3D
Catedrale Rieti
Visited the cities in Italy - Fara in Sabina, Montenero, Montopoli, Rieti and Rome, Rocca Sinibalda, Palombara Sabina
Alexander Nevski Catedral
Visited the cities in Bulgaria - Melnik, Sandanski, Sofia, Nessebar
Episcopal Basilica
Visited countries - Bulgaria and Italy
Young people participating in the project activities



Conducting of transnational partnership meetings;

Intelectual product

Holding multiplier events "Culture.EDU - Youth ideas for cultural entrepreneurship"


Conducting of transnational trainings for young people "Know the heritage" (part Bulgaria and part Italy);


Creation of an intellectual product "Multifunctional multimedia software platform for innovative presentation of cultural heritage, realized in 3D and linear graphic environment"